Church Pew Refinishing, Pew Restoration, Pew Reupholstery
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Pioneer Refinishing is staffed and equipped to provide custom refinishing and upholstering of fine church furniture and pews. We take pride in our work and guarantee our results. Whether a project involves stripping and refinishing pews or a complete renovation including resizing of pew bodies and reupholstering of seats and kneelers, Pioneer Refinishing can assist you. All work is done with experience and dedication, using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Pioneer Refinishing has developed a 35 step process to provide a superb finish for all its wood refinishing. This detailed method has proven to produce the finest, most durable and long lasting finish available. There truly are no other methods available that come close to this superior hand rubbed finish.

Before and after photos of two of our refinishing projects are found below.

Monumental Baptist Church

BeforeMonumental Baptist Church before restoration.
Since the interior painting and structural work had already been completed the previous year, Pioneer Refinishing removed the pews and altar furniture in two phases to allow for minimal disruption to the congregation.



Monumental Baptist Church after restoration.

As part of renovation, the furniture was stripped of its green and orange paint and the wood was restored to its original walnut beauty. The pews, well over 100 years old, were then reinforced for strength and durability. Finally, the seats were reupholstered in a complementary fabric.

Advent Lutheran Church

BeforeAdvent Lutheran Church before restoration.
During the 1950's, many churches used the "limed oak finish" to finish their pews. This finish caused a greenish cast, giving the wood a blonde appearance, creating an effect similar to a painted finish. This also took away the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Advent Lutheran Church after restoration.

The natural beauty of the wood grain was restored during the refinishing process as shown in this picture. Custom upholstered seats were then added for comfort, which also improved the look of the wood grain.